Severn Trent Contact Number

The names of Britain’s two largest rivers, the Severn and the Trent, together form Severn Trent Water, LLC. A FTSE 100 company, it provides clean water to more than four million homes and businesses in central Wales and the Midlands of England. One of the largest of the ten regulated water and sewerage companies, it also takes care of disposal and wastewater treatment since 1974. Customers enjoy the lowest bills on average for water and sewage in Wales and England. The continued commitment for sustainable stewardship of the business, the environment, and the communities provides good value for money. In 2015, a price freeze went into effect and promises of below inflation rises until 2020.

With a strong management team, the company has produced a clear business plan for the next five years. Part of the five-year plan includes better services such as continuing to provide high-quality drinking water, visible leaks fixed within 24 hours, a 6% reduction in leakage levels, fewer supply interruptions, fewer sewer flooding, excellent customer services and more support for those struggling to pay bills. Further commitment to a healthier environment is planned to avoid pollution incidents as much as possible and reduce the carbon footprint by generating more of its own energy and reducing waste.
Talking to customers and stakeholders helped to form the business plan as well as running events, roadshows and focus groups in order to find out what was most important. Beginning December 2011, uncovering the key issues led to a consultation called ‘Making the Right Choices’. Gathering feedback from several workshops from April to September 2012, results were published in April 2013. The resulting proposals were then tested with key stakeholders and the business plan revised to include any changes.

A further plan is being developed for the next 25 years to address better standards of service as adaptations to climate change are implemented. Assets will be tested due to greater extremes, more sewer capacity will be needed and continued high standards of customer service that every person has a right to receive will continue to be a priority.

The Water Forum has been put in place to ensure Severn Trent is listening to what needs to be done and what customers expect from the service. The published findings were submitted to Ofwat, the water regulator, and can be accessed in more detail on the website. Their customer support is available by dialing this Severn Trent contact number.

To continue to provide the best quality drinking water in Europe, the research and engagement needed to improve water treatment and maintain pollution-free rivers, reservoirs and underground water as well as pipes and water mains is an ongoing challenge. One that Severn Trent Water LLC commits to provide.