British Gas Contact Number

The company is based in the UK, and the do quite a bit of business because their customers are very pleased with them. They service their customers with both gas and electric energy, and they also sell products like boilers and boiler covers. The company cares about its customer base, and it shows in how they treat them, and the services that they offer to them..

They offer a good, clear website that is easy for people to find what they need. They can go online anytime, from anywhere, and pay their bill, or check other parts of the website that they might need. Working with British Gas is easy from the standpoint of many customers, and they recommend them to other people too.

British Gas has a program that gives free electricity at certain times to its customers. If they purchase both gas and electric energy from them, they will have free electric on either Saturday or Sunday, between the times 9am –5pm. The program is called HomeEnergy. Customers are very happy with this program because it offers them another way to save money.

The company offers SmartHome, since the government is requiring that all homes have smart meters in the near future. The SmartHome program gives the customers many ways to check on their usage and lower it in order to save money, which is a positive point for the customer.

High active heating allows customers to control their heat from their cell phone. This makes it so convenient for their customers. They can be anywhere at any time, and they can make the heat go up or down. It is a great selling point, and customers love it.

The customer service with the company is excellent. The individuals that the company hires are intelligent, and they love their jobs. They go through a rigorous training program to become specialists at what they do, and they can assist customers with services, prices and billing issues in an efficient and congenial way.

This business energy supplier is looking to the future with great hope that they will do even better. Their solid customer base that the company has is increasing because of what they offer their customers. In the future, the company will surely do well because it is also financially solvent. Most of the reason this company does so well is because they care about people, it shows in every way that they conduct their business. They want to offer a great service with reasonable prices to a client base that they respect, and they do. The company also wants to offer something economical that people will feel that they are getting what they pay for when they decide to come with them.