Amazon Contact Number

Since the dawn of the Internet, there have been numerous websites designed for shopping online. From auction sites, meant to save buyers money with the lowest bids possible on the products they desire, to online retailers that have no physical equivalent, browsing products online has become easier and faster for most than a trip to the mall. leads the pack, in many ways, with the large number of unique features and options it provides. Offering the ability to browse products ranging from bulk food items to used books or flat-screen televisions, this website truly offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Perhaps the most famous feature which this website offers is the Prime perks one can receive through a subscription. With Prime, customers can get free two-day shipping, access hundreds of movies, TV shows, music albums and other goodies instantaneously and even get early access to any flash sales the website might be hosting.

Even for those who have heard of Prime before, there are numerous less obvious features to explore. For example, subscribed customers are given the option to rent e-books, saving money on outright purchase. They are also given unlimited storage space for photographs, which allows even more of the customer’s media to be safely stored and accessible in one convenient place!

But the Prime subscription program is certainly not the only thing that makes this website a favorite online retailer. For instance, the mobile app available for download on smartphones makes it simple for customers to shop at home or on the go without hassle!

Aside from an incredible customer service at, the mobile app also offers easy browsing and use of Prime features like videos, music or keeping an eye on flash sales, but does not take up an unreasonable amount of storage space on a customer’s phone. Sleek and filled only with features customers actually need, this app is a fantastic option for anyone who hates wasting time wandering around the mall or searching website after website trying to find the right product.

Between the Prime subscription and new mobile app, it really is easy to purchase any product under the sun, whether at home, on vacation or at work, and have it delivered within two days. Not only that, but while waiting for the package to arrive, customers can sit back and binge-watch their favorite TV shows using Prime’s library! With the advancements Amazon has made, luxury and practicality really are each just a click away.